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Thursday, February 18

gross !

do you still remember any classic stories
your mum told you ?

  • humpty dumpty

  • jack and jill

  • little red riding hood
      to name a few 

but if really stop and think about the stories
you'll find most of them are gross !

in humpty dumpty, he falls off a wall,
breaks and can't be fixed
so humpty dumpty dies ?
( sad ending )

jack and jill go up a hill
then they fall down the hill
and jack breaks his head !
so he is dead too !
( sad ending ) 

 in little red riding hood
she goes to visit her grandmother
but a big-bad-wolf ate her and her grandmother
then this woods-man comes and cuts
the wolf's belly ( eww ! )
( gross ending )

what are they trying to teach little kids ?

marsya out !

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