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Saturday, October 31

miss you baby !

( this is my baby )

her name is puny
because when i got her she was so small.

at 2 years old she got pregnant.

she was so big she couldn't get out the door.
( my house has grill doors )
haha !

1 month ago she gave birth
to 2 kittens.
but she still had babies
in side her.

she died because she could not
get her kittens out.
so sad.

i tried to save her babies
but they didn't

it has been 1 month since she died.
i miss her so much.

sygs kamoo

( puny = sangat kecik ) 

meow marsya out !

Thursday, October 29

♥ love ♥

what is love ?
here's my opinion of love.

there is so many difrent types of love
but this post is mainly about love love
( understand ? )

i think its okay to love
someone older, younger, girl or guy.

its okay be a girl and like girls,
be a guy and like guys,
girl like guy
guy like girl.

i think its really up to you.

if you still dont know
its okay
love will come to you

love is yours to create !

( if anybody has a problem this.
i dont care ! its my blog ! )

dreaming marsya out !

Monday, October 26

concert ! where !?

Beyonce's Malaysia consert is cancelled !

her concert is cancelled because
of malaysia's strict stage rules
performers are not allowed to jump,
dance and female performers must wear clothes that
cover from chest to knee.
( wtf ! if there is no jumping and dancing !
there is no concert ! )

if you go to a concert
and the performer was wearing a short skirt.
after the concert would you go
and wear a short skirt ?

if you do..
so what ! its your style !

( p.s. e.g means example )

dissapointed marsya out !

Saturday, October 24

nerd !

i feel like a nerd today

my brothers and dad went to a school carnival
i didnt want to go because it is at MY old school!
and i didnt feel like meeting all the teachers i havent seen in
two years.

once, i saw one of my teachers 
from the old school
and he said
" wow ! you can be someone's mother now "
i was like " wtf !?  "
im only 14teen

( is that supposed to be a compliment ? )

note to parents around the world:
meet the teachers before you send your kid to a school

nerdy marsya out!


should i blog in english
atau bahasa melayu ?

click ! click !