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Monday, October 26

concert ! where !?

Beyonce's Malaysia consert is cancelled !

her concert is cancelled because
of malaysia's strict stage rules
performers are not allowed to jump,
dance and female performers must wear clothes that
cover from chest to knee.
( wtf ! if there is no jumping and dancing !
there is no concert ! )

if you go to a concert
and the performer was wearing a short skirt.
after the concert would you go
and wear a short skirt ?

if you do..
so what ! its your style !

( p.s. e.g means example )

dissapointed marsya out !


kun izzul said...

Hi Marsya..
Minat Beyonce ek..hehe..:D

EiPhy_HiEi said...

biar btl cancel?? adeiii..yolahh..lau aku la jd beyonce pon(konon2 la ye^^)..aku pon mmg xmau wat konsert lau rules dia cmtu..ini xleh itu xleh..x free la beb!!..emo lak aku ni..hakhakhak..btw,so dissappointed la..

EiPhy_HiEi said...

ni marsya,umo bpe ek?? still stdy g ek??

Leah said...

Cultural differences can be a hindrance to having fun. I guess Malaysian government knew how Beyonce performs onstage so they should have said NO from the start instead of allowing the concert then canceling it. That's too much letdown for those waiting for the concert.

singamaraja said...

Salam ziarah untuk anda

Marsya said...

tak de la minat sgt...

click ! click !