your BRAIN needs MUSIC !

Wednesday, December 30

stop scaring me !

in malaysia at age
12 , 15 and 17 years
we have big exams

usualy our teachers will hire motivational speakers
to come to the school to talk
some sense into us
to make us want to do well in the following exam

they usualy talk about our parents
mostly about mothers
i really dont care what they talk about

they tell us about how hard it is to care
for us and about how our mom gave-birth to us
but i hate it when they show pictures or videos
of women giving brith !
that is totally gross !
(i dont want to have kids now ! thanks a lot !)
why hate motivational talks at school :
1.they make you feel bad about your self 
     2.they make most of the girls and some of      
the boys cry. (i didnt cry) then the
teachers will take pictures of you crying
  (their laughing at us)
 3.they talk nonsense ! and it doesn't work !

(after the motivation i dont feel any different about the exam)

why do they still do it ? 

motivated marsya out !


Monday, December 28

hubbie ?

teen romance is just monkey buisness
it never lasts !

i have this cosin, she is 12 years now
she has a boyfriend
(boyfriend is 12 years)
that is okay
but on myspace
she says:
"ohh ! hubbie ! i'm your wifie !"

eeewww ! gross !
they have to wait 6 years to legaly get married !
maybe they are thinking of having kids
hha !

grossed-out marsya out !

Wednesday, December 16

i want a job !
please give me one !
it’s the school holidays !
yay !
but i have no money !

my brother has a job at a bicycle shop !
i’m sooo jealous !
he is a bicycle maniac !

it’s okay !
i will !
find something to do for the holidays !
( i hope )

super duper marsya out !

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