your BRAIN needs MUSIC !

Wednesday, December 30

stop scaring me !

in malaysia at age
12 , 15 and 17 years
we have big exams

usualy our teachers will hire motivational speakers
to come to the school to talk
some sense into us
to make us want to do well in the following exam

they usualy talk about our parents
mostly about mothers
i really dont care what they talk about

they tell us about how hard it is to care
for us and about how our mom gave-birth to us
but i hate it when they show pictures or videos
of women giving brith !
that is totally gross !
(i dont want to have kids now ! thanks a lot !)
why hate motivational talks at school :
1.they make you feel bad about your self 
     2.they make most of the girls and some of      
the boys cry. (i didnt cry) then the
teachers will take pictures of you crying
  (their laughing at us)
 3.they talk nonsense ! and it doesn't work !

(after the motivation i dont feel any different about the exam)

why do they still do it ? 

motivated marsya out !


Monday, December 28

hubbie ?

teen romance is just monkey buisness
it never lasts !

i have this cosin, she is 12 years now
she has a boyfriend
(boyfriend is 12 years)
that is okay
but on myspace
she says:
"ohh ! hubbie ! i'm your wifie !"

eeewww ! gross !
they have to wait 6 years to legaly get married !
maybe they are thinking of having kids
hha !

grossed-out marsya out !

Wednesday, December 16

i want a job !
please give me one !
it’s the school holidays !
yay !
but i have no money !

my brother has a job at a bicycle shop !
i’m sooo jealous !
he is a bicycle maniac !

it’s okay !
i will !
find something to do for the holidays !
( i hope )

super duper marsya out !

Wednesday, November 25

i hate internet errors !

sorry my net is down.

 i   pay the internet bill but
it has problems !
wtf !?

i'll be online soon !

offline marsya out !

Sunday, November 1

crazy girlfriend !

i'm in a bicycle racing group.
my coach, me, my bro and another boy
were going to see a race.

on the night before the race
i was smsing/texting
with the boy about the race.

here is what we smsed:
( in this blog the boy's name is Mr.Baboon )

me : hi, what should i wear tomorow?
Mr.Baboon : anything. but not clothes to go shopping
me : are you going to wear jeans ?
Mr.Baboon : nope. im going to wear boxers. yes i am going to wear jeans !
me : yea ! i think you should wear boxers ! well i wear jeans to go shopping !
           ( he didn't reply )

So after that i went to my computer
turned on my blog
yay !

i was reading my friends blog
then suddently my phone rang
it was Mr.Baboon's number.

it was his girlfriend !

here is what she said:
( her name in this blog is Ms.Gorilla )

me : hello ?
Ms.Gorilla : hello. who is this ?
me : who are you ?
Ms.Gorilla : i asked first !
me : your the one who called !
Ms.Gorilla : grrrr !
me : okay ! okay ! i'm marsya.
Ms.Gorilla : what is your relationship with Mr.Baboon ?
me : we are friends !
Ms.Gorilla : liar ! who are you to talk about boxers with him ?
me : wtf ! it is up to me if i want to talk about boxers with your Mr.Baboon
Ms.Gorilla : no you can't !
me : why are you so paranoid !? is Mr.Baboon a playboy ? why dont you  trust him ?
       what kind of girfriend are you ?
Ms.Gorilla : ...
me : me and Mr.Baboon are just buddies ! dont believe me !?
       go ask Mr.Baboon ! we play football together !
                          ( i'm a tomboy )
Ms.Gorilla : okay bye..
me : wait ! do not anoy me again ! good-bye f**ker !
meaning :
( paranoid = stress/gila )
( anoy = kacau )

proud marsya out !


Saturday, October 31

miss you baby !

( this is my baby )

her name is puny
because when i got her she was so small.

at 2 years old she got pregnant.

she was so big she couldn't get out the door.
( my house has grill doors )
haha !

1 month ago she gave birth
to 2 kittens.
but she still had babies
in side her.

she died because she could not
get her kittens out.
so sad.

i tried to save her babies
but they didn't

it has been 1 month since she died.
i miss her so much.

sygs kamoo

( puny = sangat kecik ) 

meow marsya out !

Thursday, October 29

♥ love ♥

what is love ?
here's my opinion of love.

there is so many difrent types of love
but this post is mainly about love love
( understand ? )

i think its okay to love
someone older, younger, girl or guy.

its okay be a girl and like girls,
be a guy and like guys,
girl like guy
guy like girl.

i think its really up to you.

if you still dont know
its okay
love will come to you

love is yours to create !

( if anybody has a problem this.
i dont care ! its my blog ! )

dreaming marsya out !

Monday, October 26

concert ! where !?

Beyonce's Malaysia consert is cancelled !

her concert is cancelled because
of malaysia's strict stage rules
performers are not allowed to jump,
dance and female performers must wear clothes that
cover from chest to knee.
( wtf ! if there is no jumping and dancing !
there is no concert ! )

if you go to a concert
and the performer was wearing a short skirt.
after the concert would you go
and wear a short skirt ?

if you do..
so what ! its your style !

( p.s. e.g means example )

dissapointed marsya out !

Saturday, October 24

nerd !

i feel like a nerd today

my brothers and dad went to a school carnival
i didnt want to go because it is at MY old school!
and i didnt feel like meeting all the teachers i havent seen in
two years.

once, i saw one of my teachers 
from the old school
and he said
" wow ! you can be someone's mother now "
i was like " wtf !?  "
im only 14teen

( is that supposed to be a compliment ? )

note to parents around the world:
meet the teachers before you send your kid to a school

nerdy marsya out!


should i blog in english
atau bahasa melayu ?

click ! click !