your BRAIN needs MUSIC !

Tuesday, December 21


(cool right !)

ok, so people who (like me)
havent posted in a whilel
usually post about how long they havent posted
and make lots of un-needed
excuses for not posting.

not me. i'll not do that.
because there are so many more issues to post about.

(i just havent thought of any)

mars-out !

Friday, March 5

allison iraheta !

  she is amazing !
 i love her music !

   if you dont know who she is
   she was 4th in American Idol season 8
  with Danny Gokey,Adam Lambert and Kris Allen
  she was born on the 27th of April 1992

  she is so unique
  plays guitar
   here is one of her songs :


     other songs
  • friday i'll be over you
  • beat me up
  • robot love
  • pieces
  • just like you
  • d is for dangerous
  • holiday
  • still breathing
     ps: im practising playing my dad's guitar to scars. yay !
oh ! and i love her hair !

        starstruck marsya out !

Thursday, February 18

gross !

do you still remember any classic stories
your mum told you ?

  • humpty dumpty

  • jack and jill

  • little red riding hood
      to name a few 

but if really stop and think about the stories
you'll find most of them are gross !

in humpty dumpty, he falls off a wall,
breaks and can't be fixed
so humpty dumpty dies ?
( sad ending )

jack and jill go up a hill
then they fall down the hill
and jack breaks his head !
so he is dead too !
( sad ending ) 

 in little red riding hood
she goes to visit her grandmother
but a big-bad-wolf ate her and her grandmother
then this woods-man comes and cuts
the wolf's belly ( eww ! )
( gross ending )

what are they trying to teach little kids ?

marsya out !

Sunday, January 24

golf !

3 weeks ago my aunt shipped
her set of golf clubs from London
my dad doesn't play 
but he has a great swing !

today my 13 year old brother said to my
8 year old brother
" come lets lay golf ! i'll teach you ! "

my 8 year old brother says

" no ! i dont want to be like Tiger Woods "

ps : he doesnt know what happend to tiger woods,
but he knows its not good

marsya out !

Friday, January 8

shooting star !

( my art )

okay !
the first week of school is over
i like all my teachers this year
they're the best !

the first week and so much homework !
i like homework !

you guys must think im crazy
you are absolutely right !
i'am CRAZY !

home-work-a-holic marsya out !

Thursday, January 7

there will always be love in the world !

( my own art )

the key is in your hands !

click ! click !